How Can You Shop And Donate At The Same Time In Uae?


The revolutionary idea of shopping and donating at the same time is put forward and implemented by many e-commerce stores in Dubai, UAE. The sole purpose of this kind of shopping is to help those in dire need of someone’s help. By shopping from these reward-based and charity partner platforms, you can shop and donate at the same time and can win exciting prizes. Now we will consider some key points of these stores and some more benefits of shopping from them.


The principle idea behind this “donate and win” deal is to encourage people to donate to make the lives at ease for those who need us in their difficult time. So to motivate people to do charity, many e-commerce stores have come forward and partnered with charity organizations to achieve this goal.

This notion of donation comes with a surprising twist in it. The twist is, these e-commerce stores offer an entry to the raffle draw. You can participate in these raffle draws in UAE by purchasing or donating a product to the charity. It gives the shopper a chance to win prizes in Dubai. Dubai raffle draw is one of the most famous and exciting ones around the globe because of the rewards offered in it. So this gives opportunity to those who want to donate and win at the same time.


Raffle draw is quite popular in the UAE, especially in Dubai for luxury prizes on offer. There are plenty of incredible prizes which you can win in Dubai through these raffle draws. If you buy a product with a campaign from the store you automatically get entered into their raffle draw. Dubai raffle draw is also known for its security and transparency because Dubai Economic Department regulates the raffle draw in Dubai. So before choosing a store, make sure that it organizes its raffle draw under Dubai Economic Department’s regulations.


Most of these stores offer sports and gym accessories in UAE. These sellers are providing the best quality product at a much lower price than other sellers. Sports and gym accessories are an essential part of every fitness plan. Everyone wants to be fit these days. Whether you are a sports guy or a regular gym guy, you might need the accessories like a gym towel, bottles specifically designed to suit fitness programs, skipping ropes, and numerous other fitness-related accessories. So if you are looking for quality sports and gym accessories in UAE at a much lower price, you should visit one of these e-commerce stores. Aside from quality products, there are countless grand prizes that you can win in Dubai if you shop from these stores by entering into Dubai raffle draw organized by them.


Shoppers from all over the world are giving up the old way of shopping and are adapting to this new way of shopping which allows them to buy the best quality products at a much lower cost and gives them a chance to win amazing prizes within their product cost. Shoppers enjoy this reward-based shopping because it keeps them active and excited throughout their shopping journey. This innovative way of shopping allows the buyers to win items that they are unable to buy themselves. This reward-based shopping is becoming popular among shoppers more than ever because of the added charity component. Many shoppers find it inspiring and prefer shopping this way.


You can shop by visiting their website. Check the products available on their website. Select a product with a campaign and confirm the payment. After the payment confirmation, you will receive an email with the details of your purchase and your ticket to the raffle draw.

These stores usually announce their winners on the social media platforms of these stores like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can check the winner announcement date on your ticket and can claim your reward.


The donation process through these stores is simple, buy a product from the stores and select donate to charity option. Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with your ticket. The best part is, you get a bonus ticket for the product you donate to charity. So, your chances to win prizes get double. It is an extra perk reserved for those who contribute to charity.


In Dubai, numerous stores offer a reward-based shopping experience, but only a few of them have a charity partnership. It is of great significance that you look for the one having a charity partner along with great products and Dubai Economic Department (DED) regulated raffle so you can help someone and win prizes in Dubai at the same time.
One of the few stores that fit our requirements is Winztime. There are a lot of grand prizes and rewards that you can win in Dubai by entering into their raffle draws. Winztime is also a hub for sports and gym accessories in UAE. Their charity partner, Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP), supports the cancer patients and their families morally and financially throughout UAE. They are doing a great job of making the lives of cancer patients and their families easier. Also, their raffle draw allows you to win prizes in Dubai. DED regulates their raffle draw, which is a positive thing. So, in other words, it is a perfect spot for you to shop if you want to shop and donate at the same time.

Bahadur Sher Jung
Bahadur Sher Jung is a content strategist at Winztime with over 5 years of work experience. He creates digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases search engine visibility.

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