Dubai Summer Surprises Is In Full Swing With Winztime


Dubai Summer Surprises is a ten-week-long festival of entertainment and incredible bargains. This year’s Dubai Summer Surprises is in full swing with Winztime. The festival comes with amazing discounts and promotions for its valuable customers. Despite the boiling temperature, nothing can stop the customer from around the globe to enjoy its offers and leisure. This year, Winztime dominates the e-commerce market and helping the shoppers to make this year’s summer festival memorable. From promotions, discounts to deals and grand prizes, Winztime strives to provide its shoppers a top-notch shopping experience.

Dubai Summer Surprises With Winztime:

Winztime is one of Dubai’s top e-commerce companies presenting shoppers with the best shopping experience at the festival, Dubai Summer Surprises. With their exceptional product quality, promotions, deals, and raffle-draws, Winztime is the center of attention among customers during this festival. So, if you are in Dubai at the time of festival and are looking for quality products at a lower price with grand prizes and promotions, visit Winztime. Here, you will find great range of products at a much lower cost than other stores providing the same product.
Dubai Raffle Draws:

Dubai raffle draws are the main attraction among visitors at the summer festival. At this splendid annual festival, Winztime raffle draws are becoming widely popular due to exciting prizes and promotions offered by them. Fitness lovers like shopping with them and winning grand rewards. Winztime is one of the top e-commerce companies in Dubai, and Dubai Economic Department (DED) regulates all their raffle draws, which gives extra security and satisfaction to the customers.

So if you are attending the festival, hurry up and visit their website to participate in the raffle draws and win exciting prizes. Winztime raffle draw holds the top rank in all Dubai raffle draw 2021.

Winztime Product Collection:

You can find a vast collection of gym and sports accessories at Winztime at quite a reasonable price. So if you have waited the whole year for this festival to add accessories to your gym and sports collection, this is the time for shopping. Check out the store of one of the top e-commerce companies in Dubai, Winztime and you will see an exquisite range of products including gym bottles, skipping ropes, gym bags, and lots more products at competitive prices.

Partner Charity: Friends Of Cancer Patients (Focp):

In our happy time, we should never forget those who are in dire need of our contribution. Winztime has partnered with the charity organization, ‘Friends of Cancer Patients’(FCOP) to provide financial and moral support to cancer patients and their families throughout the UAE. We should come forward for this noble cause and help those who need us in their most difficult times.

You can buy, donate products to charity, and in return, you will get bonus tickets to enter into the raffle draw for winning amazing prizes.


Winztime has introduced Z Points for their loyal customers. Customers receive Z Points after they make a purchase, and when they have sufficient Z Points, they can redeem them for purchasing any new product. Shoppers can also cash their Z points to make payments for a new product. It’s all customer’s call. The Z points scheme is valid for registered and permanent customers. So go to, make a purchase, collect Z Points, and redeem them, if you are lucky enough to have them.

Make This Summer Unforgettable:

Everyone wants to have the most of this ten-week-long summer festival with some unforgettable memories. Winztime makes it extra special for you by providing quality products at a much low cost and the opportunity to win huge prizes. Along with this, they come up with great deals and promotions to enhance your shopping experience and make this summer memorable for you.


Winztime offers grand prizes through raffle draws. Their customer return rate is very high, and this shows that their customers trust them. They put their customers at their top priority and offer them the best deals at best prices. Shopper’s experience matters the most to them. There are grand prizes in their raffle draws that no other e-commerce company will provide to their customers. They believe in making shopping experience cost-effective, fun, easy, and rewarding for their customers. This summer, buy from and entertain yourself with the best shopping experience they are delivering to their customers.

Register Yourself At

So, take your shopping experience to the next level by shopping at Grab your cart and enjoy the benefits their registered customers are already enjoying.

  • Go to their website and Log in or register.
  • Go to the product page
  • Check out the products on the product page.
  • Select a product and confirm the payment
  • They will email you regarding your purchase details and raffle draw ticket.
  • Donate a product to charity and get a bonus ticket.

Follow the above-mentioned simple steps to make a purchase and enter into a raffle draw and get a chance to win grand prizes this summer.

Make this year’s summer festival unique and memorable for you with the best e-commerce shopping experience. Expand the collection of your gym and sports accessories with quality products and enjoy huge discounts and prizes at Winztime.

Bahadur Sher Jung
Bahadur Sher Jung is a content strategist at Winztime with over 5 years of work experience. He creates digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases search engine visibility.

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