Delivering Moral & Financial Support to Cancer Patients


We barely see an e-commerce company partners with a charity organization to give moral and financial support to people in need. Winztime’s in partnership with FOCP, is such an example. Winztime, in partnership with FOCP (Friends of Cancer Patients), is fulfilling the responsibility that the families of cancer patients have on us. Winztime, along with providing quality products at a much lower price to their customer, is helping families of cancer patients in their difficult times. You can play your part by donating a product to charity with Winztime and we play ours by offering you a bonus ticket to enter into the biggest raffle draw in Dubai, UAE.

Winztime Partnership With Focp (Friends Of Cancer Patients)

FOCP is an organization that supports cancer patients and their families morally and financially throughout UAE. These patients suffer a lot due to their condition, and it is our core duty as human beings to feel their pain and step forward to aid them, so they overcome their travail time. Winztime’s partnership with FOCP is a spectacular step towards a noble cause.

Winztime comes forward to join hands with FOCP. It is also a gateway for those who want to do charity. They can donate products to the charity, and Winztime allows them to enter the biggest raffle draw in UAE organized by Winztime.

Winztime Is Making The World A Better Place

By partnering with the charity, Friends of Cancer Patients (FCOP), Winztime is keeping up the mission of FOCP, an organization in UAE that supports the families of cancer patients in need throughout Dubai and UAE by providing health care facilities, education, and financial assistance to make their lives at ease. We all can be a part of this good deed by donating products purchased from Winztime, and in return, Winztime will give you a bonus ticket to enter into a grand raffle draw in UAE. This kind of charity is an innovative idea to help and support those in need of our help.

Winztime: The Leading E-commerce Marketplace In Dubai

Winztime is one of the leading e-commerce marketplaces in Dubai. They are famous for their affordable range of high-quality gym and sports accessories. Their raffle draws allow customers to win grand prizes. They provide their customers with the best shopping experience possible. It is the reason they have high customer return rate.

Products Available At

Winztime is a hub for great gym and sports accessories. High-quality products are available at a much lower cost. You will find great products like gym bottles, skipping ropes, stress balls, gym towels, and numerous other great products. A great variety of products is available at their store.

In addition to great variety, their foremost priority is the quality of the product. Winztime never compromises on product quality and provides the best product available to its customers. The main thing is the trust that they have built so far to reach where they are today. You can check out the products here. If you are a fitness lover, this site is the only thing that you need to expand your gym inventory.

Best Raffle Draw In Uae:

Winztime raffle draw is one of the best raffle draws organized in Dubai, UAE. Dubai Economic Department regulates these raffle draws. It helps in building a feeling of trust and safety among the customers. Their raffle draws allow shoppers to win grand prizes. The raffle draws are a revolution in the conventional shopping experience. With raffles draws customers’ shopping experience becomes fun and exciting. You get a ticket to enter into a raffle draw when you buy a product from Winztime. You will get an extra raffle draw ticket when you donate a product to the charity. So in this way, they reward you for contributing to charity.

How To Donate To Charity With Winztime

It’s simple:

  • Visit their website and login or register yourself
  • In the navigation bar, click on the products
  • Select the product you want to donate to charity
  • Confirm the payment
  • You will receive an email with your purchase details and ticket

Join Winztime And Help Those In Need

Come forward and support the vision and goal that Winztime is striving to achieve. Your donation can save lives. Winztime’s partnership with FOCP is a great initiative to assist cancer patients in overcoming their sufferings and living peaceful lives. It is a novelty in the e-commerce marketplace that needs to be supported by all of us who have enough resources to be a part of this good cause.

You cannot imagine how much helpful is your contributions in supporting and caring for these patients. Even your tiny contribution can be a hope for someone. By helping these people, you are fulfilling your responsibility as a human being. We should come forward and support those who are struggling to make lives easier for cancer patients.

So play your part, go to and become a helping hand by donating products to charity. You will get a bonus ticket for each product you contribute to the charity that you can use to enter into the raffle draw in UAE and win amazing prizes.

Bahadur Sher Jung
Bahadur Sher Jung is a content strategist at Winztime with over 5 years of work experience. He creates digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases search engine visibility.

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